Critical Race Theory in Kenosha Schools – Here is Your Chance to Say Yay or Nay!

Critical Race Theory on Kenosha Schools - Wisconsin Family Council

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a sociological doctrine dating back to the 1930s. It was originally created by a group of Marxist theorists who sought to expand the concept of “class warfare” to racial relations. Over the last 5 years, Washington activists have begun pushing to “fix racism” by teaching CRT to children.

This move has not been without controversy. Critical Race Theory, after all, relies on dividing society into “oppressed” and “oppressor” groups based on their skin color. In this way, it doesn’t eliminate the evils of racism – it just replaces it with a new form of discrimination.

Is Critical Race Theory Coming to Kenosha Classrooms?

In Kenosha and across Wisconsin, there is no official acknowledgment about Critical Race Theory in local school curriculums. However, Kenosha teachers have reported that CRT training is coming, and it’s being listed as mandatory.

This has been done silently and discreetly. First, Critical Race Theory appeared as part of standard “sensitivity training” about Diversity and Inclusion. Neutral contents about treating everyone fairly were replaced by reflections about oppression, privilege, and “the inherent evils of capitalism.”

Eventually, it started dripping into High School history lessons. At this stage, beloved figures such as our Founding Fathers were “re-interpreted” as defenders of a “racist nation.”

Now, science and humanities exams are tweaked to “right the wrongs of slavery” and ensure equality of outcomes.

And Where Were Parents During This?

At home or at work, confident that schools were sanctuaries of learning–and without the opportunity to see what is happening inside the classroom.

Parents are expected to be ever-vigilant about their kids’ education and react when they notice something they don’t like. But because of the way lessons plans are structured, by the time a questionable worksheet finds its way home, kids have been subjected to months of CRT-based content.

Shouldn’t parents be asked first when it comes to including politicized ideology as part of their education?

Local Elections: The Best Chance to Intervene

Across the country, concerned parents are stepping up to defend their right to shape their children’s moral fiber without government intervention. As a result, many local and state policy proposals have sought to combat the inclusion of CRT, Marxism, and other biased content in K-12 schools.

However, on April 5th, the citizens of Kenosha will get a golden opportunity to protect schools from undue politicization.  The federal push for CRT can be combated at a local level; we just need citizens to take an active role and vote in the upcoming County, City, and School Board elections.

Commit to vote in the next local election and ensure any decisions on CRT are made by Kenosha families, not distant lobbyists.

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