Why Your Vote Matters

Election Day is right around the corner. As we endure this period of failed American leadership, we recognize the opportunity God has provided this nation in November to correct the path we are being led down.

In this great country, God provides us the blessing of self-determination through the right to vote. If we are to get this country back on a righteous path, we must do our part as American citizens. We must vote!

To have faith is to have hope. While many may be feeling disillusioned by American politics below are reasons to have hope and to understand why your vote matters!

Honor God

Scripture tells us that the government is an earthly institution created by God with a purpose to uphold the good and punish evil.

Just as pastors are ministers of God in the church, elected officials are meant to act as ministers of God in government.

Your vote honors God when it is used to advance faithful leadership, social morality, and just law within the institutions that uphold our nation.

In America, God gave us a choice to elect our ministers of government. Honor God by exercising this right to choose leaders that honor Him in return.

Your Civic Duty

Since the dawn of our Republic, voting has been considered a civic obligation and duty of American citizens.

It is our responsibility to direct the path of our own nation through the election of responsible and moral leaders in government.

Exercising our God-given constitutional rights is part of our illustrious heritage. Freedom can only be maintained if the citizens of this country actively participate through the process our form of government provides–and that starts with voting.

Your Vote Can Create Change

In the state of Wisconsin, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by less than 1 percent of the popular vote. Yet more than one-in-four of the state’s eligible voters decided to stay home on Election Day.

Your vote matters because every vote can change the outcome of an election–and every election has very real consequences.

We must participate if we want to have good consequences as a result of any election.

If you want to make a difference, be involved, and cast your vote!