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Celebrating Wisconsin’s Values: A Call to Action for Voters on April 4th

This year, April 4th will mark much more than the beginning of spring or the imminent arrival of Easter. It will also mark the day in which Wisconsin voters will choose the next State Supreme Court member.

The winner will be tasked with interpreting and applying our laws for the next ten years and at the highest level. Most of us don’t get an opportunity to directly affect law and order in our States – but through this election, we can make sure the job falls to someone who has the moral fiber to do it.

Live and Defend Your Values with a Simple Vote

We have been blessed with a form of government that has afforded us freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. We are called to be good stewards who “secure the blessings of liberty” whenever we can – whether it’s directly from the pulpit, through casting a responsible vote, or by how we live every day.

This commitment to a better society now serves as our land’s moral compass. Despite the opposing “modernizing” forces, many of us still acknowledge proudly the Christian values that have shaped our lives.

By voting, we can help preserve and strengthen this proud identity. All we need to do is show up for Wisconsin whenever we are called to do so. Never forget what your involvement can bring into reality:

Wisconsin Stands For Justice

In the USA, the opportunity to cast our vote and take direct action within our local government was firmly established from the very beginning. But we should use this privilege responsibly by choosing our candidates carefully and taking the time to stay abreast of election issues and dates.

Voting means taking an active role in shaping our society. It requires minimal paperwork, fortunately. But it helps ensure our society will remain on the path of righteousness and justice.

An unlawful or radical winner could try to reshape our legal system, with little regard for the law or its institutions. He/She could enact toxic initiatives that will force us to change our way of life or will corrupt our society.

Wisconsin Stands for Freedom

Families in the Badger State have the freedom to choose who, how, and where to worship both publicly and privately, how to make delicate ethical choices, and how to educate their children without government interference. However, a twisted interpretation of our laws could easily revoke these freedoms.

By voting, we can both embody and protect these freedoms. And what better way is there to celebrate our values?

Wisconsin Stands for Hard Workers

Every grand and beautiful aspect of Wisconsin was built and preserved through hard work and dedication. Here, those who are willing to go the extra mile are usually rewarded with prosperity and safety.

Shouldn’t this same philosophy apply to voting? It starts as something very easy: ticking a box on a ballot. But we can reap bigger rewards if we take it a step further: by helping others to register, by talking to our neighbors, or by publicly pledging our commitment to democracy.

Embody Wisconsin’s Proud Traditions this Election Season

In less than two weeks, we will need to defend justice and freedom once again. At Wisconsin Family Council, we believe every family of faith should pray for their politicians and their country regularly and certainly as we head towards April 4th. Look carefully at the candidates and decide which one best represents your values and beliefs.

After that, the next logical step is to vote. Get your voice heard. Be part of the solution and VOTE ON APRIL 4th.

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