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Out of Town? Here’s How to Request an Absentee Ballot

For any full-time worker with extra family responsibilities, caring about the election is one thing – but turning up on election day may be a completely different issue. Business trips, illnesses, and family emergencies can all make it impossible to stand in line to cast your vote on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

If despite all these difficulties, you were still able to talk to your relatives or local church group about the importance of voting, then you’ve done a world of good already. But the door is still open for you to cast your vote by mail.

Can I Vote with an Absentee Ballot in Wisconsin?

When we talk with local heads of family, and we touch upon the possibility of using an absentee ballot, the first thing we hear about is whether they qualify for it. After all, “absentee ballots” are for those who will be fully absent, right? So unless you can provide a good reason for being busy on the election date, or you’re serving your country far away, absentee voting is a no-go, true?

In reality, this is far from true. The State of Wisconsin doesn’t require you to provide any justification for using an absentee ballot. If you are registered to vote, then you can request an absentee ballot by mail.

The main catch? You need to do it on time – up to the Thursday before the election. This time around, the deadline is on March 30, 2023 at 5 PM. But we urge you to do this well before this deadline!

3 Steps To Exercise Your Right of Absentee Voting

If you are interested in absentee voting by mail, just follow these simple steps.

 1.  Register to vote (or check if you’re registered)

The main requirement for an absentee ballot is to be registered in the first place. If you don’t remember whether you’re registered, visit Wisconsin’s official Voting Portal and use the Search function.

If you can’t find yourself when voting, you will be automatically redirected to the voter registration page.

2.  Send an application

Once you’re certain you’re registered to vote, you’ll have two different options:

  1. Visit the MyVote portal and fill out an online application
  2.  E-mail, mail or fax an application to your municipal clerk (which you can look up here).

Whichever way you choose, you will need to include your full, legal name, your voting address, the election for which you would like a ballot, and your mailing address, as well as a copy of your photo ID.

If you are an active member of the military or are registered as “permanently overseas” you won’t need to provide a photo ID. If you live in a nursing home or are permanently confined, and you don’t have an ID with you, you can ask a witness to verify your identity instead.

3.  Mail your ballot in time

No matter which way you choose, you will then need to ensure you mail your ballot in time. Here, we have a rather hard deadline in place: the ballot needs to arrive at your municipal clerk’s office no later than 8 PM on the day of the election. That’s Tuesday, April 4 for this election.

Here, it’s best to play it safe. Although the USPS will be working overtime to ensure all ballots arrive on time, they recommend you send it at least one week before the deadline. That means you should have that ballot in the mail by Tuesday, March 28.

What if I want to vote in person anyway?

Plans change, and these days not everyone trusts their local Post Office. If you requested an absentee ballot already but would prefer to vote in person, you may:

  •  Drop it off in person at the municipal clerk’s office before the election date. Just make sure to check their opening hours and bring a photo ID.
  • Show up at the polls anyway on the election date. In this case, bring the ballot you received with you: do not mail it, and do not give it to anyone else.

There Are Multiple Ways to Fulfill Your Civic Duty & Your Duty to God

As part of our country’s commitment to freedom, Wisconsin voters are provided with several ways to vote (absentee by mail, early in-person, Election Day). Paperwork and bureaucracy are kept at a minimum–but it’s up to you to start the process.

Remember that, at the end of the day, the process is worth it. You will be getting a unique chance to influence the society you live in. After all, God entrusted this land to us, and as its stewards, we have a responsibility to improve it and to vote and vote wisely for those who will govern us.

Commit To Vote

Celebrating Wisconsin’s Values: A Call to Action for Voters on April 4th

This year, April 4th will mark much more than the beginning of spring or the imminent arrival of Easter. It will also mark the day in which Wisconsin voters will choose the next State Supreme Court member.

The winner will be tasked with interpreting and applying our laws for the next ten years and at the highest level. Most of us don’t get an opportunity to directly affect law and order in our States – but through this election, we can make sure the job falls to someone who has the moral fiber to do it.

Live and Defend Your Values with a Simple Vote

We have been blessed with a form of government that has afforded us freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. We are called to be good stewards who “secure the blessings of liberty” whenever we can – whether it’s directly from the pulpit, through casting a responsible vote, or by how we live every day.

This commitment to a better society now serves as our land’s moral compass. Despite the opposing “modernizing” forces, many of us still acknowledge proudly the Christian values that have shaped our lives.

By voting, we can help preserve and strengthen this proud identity. All we need to do is show up for Wisconsin whenever we are called to do so. Never forget what your involvement can bring into reality:

Wisconsin Stands For Justice

In the USA, the opportunity to cast our vote and take direct action within our local government was firmly established from the very beginning. But we should use this privilege responsibly by choosing our candidates carefully and taking the time to stay abreast of election issues and dates.

Voting means taking an active role in shaping our society. It requires minimal paperwork, fortunately. But it helps ensure our society will remain on the path of righteousness and justice.

An unlawful or radical winner could try to reshape our legal system, with little regard for the law or its institutions. He/She could enact toxic initiatives that will force us to change our way of life or will corrupt our society.

Wisconsin Stands for Freedom

Families in the Badger State have the freedom to choose who, how, and where to worship both publicly and privately, how to make delicate ethical choices, and how to educate their children without government interference. However, a twisted interpretation of our laws could easily revoke these freedoms.

By voting, we can both embody and protect these freedoms. And what better way is there to celebrate our values?

Wisconsin Stands for Hard Workers

Every grand and beautiful aspect of Wisconsin was built and preserved through hard work and dedication. Here, those who are willing to go the extra mile are usually rewarded with prosperity and safety.

Shouldn’t this same philosophy apply to voting? It starts as something very easy: ticking a box on a ballot. But we can reap bigger rewards if we take it a step further: by helping others to register, by talking to our neighbors, or by publicly pledging our commitment to democracy.

Embody Wisconsin’s Proud Traditions this Election Season

In less than two weeks, we will need to defend justice and freedom once again. At Wisconsin Family Council, we believe every family of faith should pray for their politicians and their country regularly and certainly as we head towards April 4th. Look carefully at the candidates and decide which one best represents your values and beliefs.

After that, the next logical step is to vote. Get your voice heard. Be part of the solution and VOTE ON APRIL 4th.

Commit To Vote

Protecting Our Children’s Future: The Importance of Voting in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

For the righteous and the faithful, the opportunities to serve God and country never stop – and neither do the obligations.

In less than two weeks, we will be called to the polls to defend our families and children once again. But wasn’t 2023 supposed to be a non-election year?

Maybe – if you are only looking at large, highly-publicized presidential elections. In Wisconsin, we have a very important election right now as we are about to elect a new Supreme Court justice. This is a much less glamorous election, with all the potential to go unnoticed. Ironically, this election is garnering national attention because people all across the country understand the high-stakes nature of this race since the court will either remain conservative or flip to liberal as a result of this election. Either way, the winner will have an extremely powerful vote and say in our state’s sense of right and wrong.

So what kind of person should we elect? Which values will they bring into office? And more importantly, how will their choices affect our children?

Create a Just Society for the Future

Every time we tick a ballot box, we are seizing an opportunity to do just that. We can give our vote to someone who desires the same kind of society we do. We can elect a lawful and experienced jurist, who honors the country through his/her respect for our traditions and values. 

For most of us, voting for someone who directly opposes our values is almost unthinkable. But staying home on election day can be just as harmful. Every time we choose not to vote, we are allowing others the opportunity to wreak havoc with our justice system.

Protect Your Kids from Toxic Influences

At Wisconsin Family Council we have been working hard to safeguard the rule of law across the state of Wisconsin, protecting families and communities from toxic policies and even toxic businesses, like casinos or so-called “adult entertainment” shops.

However, no law is safe from a Supreme Court justice with opposing interests. A candidate who takes nearly $2 million from the Democratic Party can just as easily take $100K from Big Casino. A “modern” figure who wants to pander to a certain demographic can allow the inclusion of un-American materials in public schools.

The United States of America has granted each eligible adult an equal voice to decide how to govern our society. Our right to worship freely, to educate our kids in accordance with our conscience, and to be prosperous enough to provide for our families are all preserved through each election cycle – but only because WE defend these values.

Stand your Ground for Those Yet to Come

State Supreme Court elections usually go unnoticed by the large majority of the country. But something is different this time: the nation is watching.

Why? Because Wisconsin has some of the strongest laws to protect babies, both born and unborn. And yet, the forces and parties who seek to bring back Roe v. Wade on steroids want to start their crusade here. They’ve put money on our candidates, they’re mobilizing their political machinery, and they are confident of their triumph.

Freedom-loving, life-respecting residents of the Badger State have the opportunity to have their say on this and more in this election.

These elections are often decided by small margins: in 2020, ALL our electoral votes went to a single presidential candidate, by a difference of less than 1% in the popular vote. The victory margin this time may be even smaller, but its impact will affect ALL families.

Commit to Vote on April 4th!

Commit To Vote

The Importance of Voting for Protecting Our Faith, Family, and Freedom in Wisconsin

Over the next couple of weeks, voters in Wisconsin will get a chance to select the next justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This election may not be as flashy as a presidential or gubernatorial election – and yet, it has the potential to dramatically affect the lives of all families in our great State. The winner will hold an important seat in our legal system for the next 10 years – and some candidates have been open about their anti-Christian agendas

This is why it’s vital we get our voices heard en masse. As representatives of our values and beliefs, we hold a responsibility to protect our way of life  and to stop those who seek to destroy our hard-earned liberties.

Four reasons why voting is a way to honor God

Our duty to God is as important outside of the Church as it is inside of the Church. Supporting candidates who embody Christian values, rather than those with flashy campaigns, is a powerful way to bring your beliefs into action.

But why should voting be part of a Christian lifestyle?

1. Because government is a gift from God

Although they may feel separate, governments are part of God’s plan, and they help us bring His laws and values into society–laws and values that are good for everyone.

God ordained three basic institutions for our society: the family, the Church, and the Kingdom. Each one of these institutions plays an important role in creating and nurturing moral values within its members.

Nowadays, we no longer have Kingdoms, but States. The responsibility of ruling fairly and in accordance with God’s law no longer falls on a single King. Instead, each elected public official will have the opportunity to advance God’s plan on Earth – and with our votes, each citizen has the opportunity of keeping our State on the righteous path.

2. Because our leaders should carry out God’s mandate

Here, the Bible explains it best: society’s leaders (whether they rule over a family, shepherd a congregation, or rule a modern country) should look to Jesus’ example, for He is the King of Kings (1 Tim 6:15).

And what does following Christ’s example entail? Just like He gave His life for our salvation, our elected leaders also ought to sacrifice their personal gain for the common good. They have received a mandate directly from God: to act fairly and to promote moral good. 

A good “civil shepherd” should therefore guide his or her flock to a safe haven. This may mean making political enemies on behalf of our right to free worship. It may also mean drawing from our timeless biblical values to keep order within society.

3. Because Christian leaders bring God’s gifts to Earth

Each leader and each voter is often presented with a simple choice, as described by Deut 30:15-16: “I have set before you today life and good, death and evil, in that I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments.”

By following our Lord’s will, we can bring life and wellness into our own lives. When it comes to our civil shepherd, this responsibility is multiplied. The path they walk can bring life to all citizens they govern, or bring sin to society at large. It all depends on how and what our elected officials choose.

Back in the day, subjects had few recourse when their King chose a corrupt path. But in the miracle that is America’s Republic, we can now choose good leaders who will bring blessings upon us all. Voting for people inclined to do right, rather than trendy “modern” celebrities, is one of the most powerful ways to do good for all people.

Nowadays, we cannot accomplish this solely from inside the Church. We need to get out and vote for the candidates who share the same commitments and values we do.

4. Because our freedoms and protections depend on it

It’s easy to take our right to freedom of religion for granted. But let’s not forget that our forefathers fought and died for us to enjoy this freedom.

Nowadays, we can live according to the dictates of our faith and conscience and choose the type of education we want to provide our kids, all without fear of persecution. However, there are still political movements that want to take all that away. Left unchecked, these movements can take over our governments, change our laws (or conveniently declare them “unconstitutional”), and put us on an unjust, and therefore dangerous, path.

Marking a ballot may seem simple, but how we mark it will either ensure we can continue living the way we do, enjoying our freedoms, or it will put us on a path that is destructive of pretty much everything we value.

So, are you ready to honor God with your vote?

From the outside, politics often look dirty and outside of our control. Which is why we must try to make the political scene better with our votes. We honor God when we use our vote to vote for people who will most closely enact laws that reflect God’s principles and precepts.

When you look at the current Supreme Court candidates – which one fits your values? Which candidate seems most eager to reflect what our Creator has set up as good for all of us?

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Reminder: Use Your God-Given Rights…Vote!

Over the last several weeks we have been outlining the importance of citizens–especially people of faith voting. With the election just days away, we’d like to take one more opportunity to remind you of how important your vote really is.

As we have covered in a recent post, voting is not only a civic duty but an opportunity to honor God as well!

Government is an institution of God, where the righteous can be protected and evil punished through just law. As a consequence, that means in the form of government God has given us, we need to choose wisely when given the opportunity to elect leaders who will act as ministers of God in government.

Through the years, we have witnessed the consequences of failed leadership without a moral compass. Honoring God with our vote means choosing those who would honor God through their leadership.

Of course, we cannot honor God with our vote if we are not prepared to vote in the first place. Part of our “Commit to Vote – Sign the Pledge” campaign over recent weeks has been about galvanizing voters through a written commitment to cast their vote this year.

While many in our community are eager to vote in a few days, some are unsure or may not have taken the proper steps to do so.

To assist anyone who would like to vote but may not be registered or are unsure where they should go on Election Day, we have posted this Voter Resource Center.

There are links on where to find your polling place, learn more about candidates, request an absentee ballot, and how to register.

Now that Election Day is upon us, we hope that you have found our resources useful and that you will make the effort to vote and encourage your friends and family to vote, as well. Your vote is important; it can and will make a difference! Remember, it is both our opportunity and our duty as people of faith and citizens of this country to exercise our God-given rights to elect our leaders.

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Introducing Our “Sign the Pledge” Voting Campaign

With the 2022 Fall Election just a month away, it is important to remember our duty as citizens to participate in our representative Republic and choose the leaders we believe best represent our interests and values. This is the power of our vote!

When we vote, we do our part to ensure the security and prosperity of our nation. While we may not always like the results of a given election, or the current direction of our country, we as citizens have the opportunity to decide our future with each new election.

Too often citizens become disillusioned or feel that their vote is just one in a sea of ballots that won’t make a difference. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

For example, consider the consequences of the 2020 Presidential Election. In our state of Wisconsin, for instance, Joe Biden won by just .63 percent. Yes, that’s right, less than 1 percent! This equated to just under 20,000 votes which tipped the scales in Biden’s favor.

But what if more voters turned out? Could things have been different?

In the 2020 Presidential Election, roughly 72 percent of eligible voters showed up to cast their votes in Wisconsin. While this was a great accomplishment, and the highest total in over a decade, this still means 28 percent of the eligible population chose not to participate in the 2020 election. More than one-in-four voters decided to stay at home.

Are you one of the many who may have felt there was no point to voting? If so, our latest campaign has you in mind.

Our “Commit to Vote” campaign is a reminder that every vote matters and every voter who decides to come out to the polls can be the difference in the election’s outcome. Using the “Sign the Pledge” link, you can add your name to the list of citizens who commit to making their voices heard through their vote.

And as part of this campaign, we have resources for voters to help guide them through the voting process. These resources can be viewed here.

This guide includes instructions on how to register, where you can find information on your local polling station, and a gentle reminder to put Election Day on your calendar!

We also believe our local churches can be instrumental in getting citizens mobilized for the vote. To assist the churches of our communities, we also created a resource outlining their rights within the political process, found here, and a legal guide found here.

In part, this resource notes that churches are within their rights to register voters, distribute non-partisan voter guides, and invite candidates to speak!

Election Day is almost here, whether you are feeling enthusiastic or a bit disenfranchised, remember, your vote is important!

Be part of the solution, “Sign the Pledge” and commit to vote this November!

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Honoring God Through Our Vote

As American citizens it is our responsibility to participate in the form of government God has given us–a representative Republic. “We the people,” as stewards of our Republic, elect the leadership that represents us and our values. For this reason, it is not just our right, but our duty to exercise our right to vote in elections.

John Adams had the following to say on the importance of voting:

“…It becomes necessary to every [citizen] then, to be in some degree a statesman, and to examine and judge for himself of the tendency of political principles and measures.”

Indeed, as American citizens we assume leadership over our nation through our choices at the ballot box. But voting is about more than satisfying a civic responsibility.

As followers of God, we believe that voting is also paramount in preserving the moral code of the nation. Scripture makes it clear that  government was instituted by God. Government is God’s societal institution of justice, and the connection between God and the civic order of America has been well noted since our nation’s founding.

John Quincy Adams once proclaimed that,

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people…it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

And yet, we now find ourselves straying further from these principles as forces within our nation become increasingly corrupt.

As our nation strays from our founding principles, it is no surprise that the quality of our leadership has come to reflect our failures.

Romans 13:4 says,

“For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” This tells us that our elected officials are meant to do the will of the Lord. They are God’s ministers in government.

In America, we have the right to choose our leaders. So, when these leaders do not uphold our values, it is on us to right the ship.

Most importantly, we must vote, and vote wisely, because the laws of our nation will be shaped by those we elect. Good leaders will pass laws that reflect God’s standards, guiding society toward what is right. Leaders who reward what is wrong and punish what is right imperil our nation, state, communities, churches, and families.

From the beginning, God has given us a choice. The most basic act of good citizenship is voting because, again, elections have very real consequences.. By making wise ballot choices, we decide who best represents God’s will for our country. Honor the inheritance of liberty that we have received in this nation through God’s grace, and honor God through your right to vote! 

Take the pledge here to honor God and commit to vote this election season.