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The Importance of Voting for Protecting Our Faith, Family, and Freedom in Wisconsin

Over the next couple of weeks, voters in Wisconsin will get a chance to select the next justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This election may not be as flashy as a presidential or gubernatorial election – and yet, it has the potential to dramatically affect the lives of all families in our great State. The winner will hold an important seat in our legal system for the next 10 years – and some candidates have been open about their anti-Christian agendas

This is why it’s vital we get our voices heard en masse. As representatives of our values and beliefs, we hold a responsibility to protect our way of life  and to stop those who seek to destroy our hard-earned liberties.

Four reasons why voting is a way to honor God

Our duty to God is as important outside of the Church as it is inside of the Church. Supporting candidates who embody Christian values, rather than those with flashy campaigns, is a powerful way to bring your beliefs into action.

But why should voting be part of a Christian lifestyle?

1. Because government is a gift from God

Although they may feel separate, governments are part of God’s plan, and they help us bring His laws and values into society–laws and values that are good for everyone.

God ordained three basic institutions for our society: the family, the Church, and the Kingdom. Each one of these institutions plays an important role in creating and nurturing moral values within its members.

Nowadays, we no longer have Kingdoms, but States. The responsibility of ruling fairly and in accordance with God’s law no longer falls on a single King. Instead, each elected public official will have the opportunity to advance God’s plan on Earth – and with our votes, each citizen has the opportunity of keeping our State on the righteous path.

2. Because our leaders should carry out God’s mandate

Here, the Bible explains it best: society’s leaders (whether they rule over a family, shepherd a congregation, or rule a modern country) should look to Jesus’ example, for He is the King of Kings (1 Tim 6:15).

And what does following Christ’s example entail? Just like He gave His life for our salvation, our elected leaders also ought to sacrifice their personal gain for the common good. They have received a mandate directly from God: to act fairly and to promote moral good. 

A good “civil shepherd” should therefore guide his or her flock to a safe haven. This may mean making political enemies on behalf of our right to free worship. It may also mean drawing from our timeless biblical values to keep order within society.

3. Because Christian leaders bring God’s gifts to Earth

Each leader and each voter is often presented with a simple choice, as described by Deut 30:15-16: “I have set before you today life and good, death and evil, in that I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments.”

By following our Lord’s will, we can bring life and wellness into our own lives. When it comes to our civil shepherd, this responsibility is multiplied. The path they walk can bring life to all citizens they govern, or bring sin to society at large. It all depends on how and what our elected officials choose.

Back in the day, subjects had few recourse when their King chose a corrupt path. But in the miracle that is America’s Republic, we can now choose good leaders who will bring blessings upon us all. Voting for people inclined to do right, rather than trendy “modern” celebrities, is one of the most powerful ways to do good for all people.

Nowadays, we cannot accomplish this solely from inside the Church. We need to get out and vote for the candidates who share the same commitments and values we do.

4. Because our freedoms and protections depend on it

It’s easy to take our right to freedom of religion for granted. But let’s not forget that our forefathers fought and died for us to enjoy this freedom.

Nowadays, we can live according to the dictates of our faith and conscience and choose the type of education we want to provide our kids, all without fear of persecution. However, there are still political movements that want to take all that away. Left unchecked, these movements can take over our governments, change our laws (or conveniently declare them “unconstitutional”), and put us on an unjust, and therefore dangerous, path.

Marking a ballot may seem simple, but how we mark it will either ensure we can continue living the way we do, enjoying our freedoms, or it will put us on a path that is destructive of pretty much everything we value.

So, are you ready to honor God with your vote?

From the outside, politics often look dirty and outside of our control. Which is why we must try to make the political scene better with our votes. We honor God when we use our vote to vote for people who will most closely enact laws that reflect God’s principles and precepts.

When you look at the current Supreme Court candidates – which one fits your values? Which candidate seems most eager to reflect what our Creator has set up as good for all of us?

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