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Reminder: Use Your God-Given Rights…Vote!

Over the last several weeks we have been outlining the importance of citizens–especially people of faith voting. With the election just days away, we’d like to take one more opportunity to remind you of how important your vote really is.

As we have covered in a recent post, voting is not only a civic duty but an opportunity to honor God as well!

Government is an institution of God, where the righteous can be protected and evil punished through just law. As a consequence, that means in the form of government God has given us, we need to choose wisely when given the opportunity to elect leaders who will act as ministers of God in government.

Through the years, we have witnessed the consequences of failed leadership without a moral compass. Honoring God with our vote means choosing those who would honor God through their leadership.

Of course, we cannot honor God with our vote if we are not prepared to vote in the first place. Part of our “Commit to Vote – Sign the Pledge” campaign over recent weeks has been about galvanizing voters through a written commitment to cast their vote this year.

While many in our community are eager to vote in a few days, some are unsure or may not have taken the proper steps to do so.

To assist anyone who would like to vote but may not be registered or are unsure where they should go on Election Day, we have posted this Voter Resource Center.

There are links on where to find your polling place, learn more about candidates, request an absentee ballot, and how to register.

Now that Election Day is upon us, we hope that you have found our resources useful and that you will make the effort to vote and encourage your friends and family to vote, as well. Your vote is important; it can and will make a difference! Remember, it is both our opportunity and our duty as people of faith and citizens of this country to exercise our God-given rights to elect our leaders.

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